People from different countries are moving to Dubai for a higher quality of life and better opportunities. Dubai offers the best opportunities to start a business and to become successful.

When you close your business, some documents, records and legal proceedings will need to be taken. These are intended to ensure that your company is closed without any problems and that you are not subsequently burdened with fines.

The liquidation process of a company requires a lot of documents, certificates, as well as permits from government agencies. We will help you and answer all your questions.

For the liquidation process, you must prepare notarized minutes of the general meeting. Thus the liquidation of the company is confirmed. In addition, notices of the appointment of a liquidator must be attached.

  • Prepare a document issued by the liquidator in which you accept the liquidation (auditor’s registration certificate, notarized signature, business license copy)
  • Fill out the registration and license application form
  • A legal advisor at DED will approve the company’s documents and liquidation documents as well as the appointment of the liquidator after review
  • A payment receipt is issued for the dissolution of the company. After the fees have been paid, the dissolution documents are issued.
  • Publish the liquidation notice in local Arabic newspapers. This should give 45 days to submit claims or complaints.