Offshore Company

The term “offshore” is becoming very popular in business language. These are business and investments outside the country of residence. Thus, an offshore company is a legal entity resident in an offshore financial center / offshore jurisdiction.

The offshore company is also often defined as an International Business Company (IBC) or Non-Resident Company. It is a legal structure that belongs to a company or an individual. This reduces the tax burden and makes asset management easier.

Offshore Company Setup

The offshore company has become the most attractive business model for investors. The main benefit is that doing business is simplified and you can ensure data protection.

Offshore companies in the UAE offer the advantage of increasing profitability, simplifying the reporting system while increasing anonymity and confidentiality.

We advise you on setting up your offshore company

Offshore companies offer a number of advantages. The main advantages are e.g .:
  • No office space required
  • Data protection, anonymity, confidentiality
  • Asset protection
  • No accounting costs
  • Business can be carried out internationally (invoice to international customers)
  • 100% foreign ownership,
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • No public register of shareholders or directors
  • Fast registration
  • Suitable for any type of international trade
  • Companies can own assets (assets, real estate, cash, stocks)
    Possibility of bank accounts with different currencies


Registration under offshore company laws and regulations

There are three different offshore jurisdictions. Each has its own location and may need different documents

Offshore companies are not allowed to trade within the offshore authority

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We have years of experience in starting various types of businesses (including offshore)

We advise you on the complete registration process for the establishment of offshore companies in the emirate of your choice.

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